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Florida Keys Offshore Fishing
Florida Keys Fishing - Islamorada Offshore Fishing Charters

Florida Keys dolphin fishing
Florida Keys Wahoo fishing
Florida Keys Offshore fishing is simply the best deep sea fishing in the world.

Islamorada fishing charters offer a huge variety of fish, with a vast
array of unique fishing
grounds to choose from year round. Florida Keys fishing charters are truly legendary!

Just off shore of the Florida Keys, the gulf stream flows with an ever changing population of highly sought after game fish. Throughout the seasons sailfish, mahi mahi (dolphin fish), marlin, tuna, kingfish, and wahoo, (just to name a few) migrate here to feed and offer fishermen the thrill of a lifetime!

Off the shores of Islamorada lie several seamounts, which are basically underwater mountainous formations. As the sea currents rush against these formations huge schools of bait fish are trapped attracting predators - the highly sought after sport fish we are looking for! These "humps" as we call them provide dependable deep sea action unlike any fishing grounds in the world. Here we look for large flocks of diving birds, and fish crashing. Then you know you are in for an exciting day of fishing in the Florida Keys.

Dolphin fishing, (mahi-mahi) is a favorite in the Florida Keys for good reason. There is nothing quite like getting into a school of mahi-mahi and watching them fly through the crystal clear water after your bait.  Once in a school you can expect lots of excitement on deck as several fish hook up at once. Dolphin can be quite acrobatic putting on a spectacular show.

In the spring and summer dolphin are plentiful from the Islamorada hump to the west hump and almost anywhere in between. We watch carefully for diving frigate birds and floating debris. Once we zero in on the dolphin, these magnificently colorful fish can be lured into quite a feeding frenzy.

It is not uncommon to catch Wahoo, Tuna, and Sailfish while Dolphin fishing.

In the winter months Black Fin Tuna are plentiful on the Islamorada hump. We flat line live baits while pitching pilchards over the side. Smaller Blackfins also make for great bait to catch those monster AJ's (amberjack). This is a fight you won't soon forget!

We always have a pitch rod ready should a sailfish or marlin decide to show up for feeding time. We will also have a rod rigged with a wire leader ready, fishing the humps for wahoo.
With all the many different fishing opportunities while offshore fishing, it takes an experienced captain and a hard working first mate, who have prepared the right rods for the job. Speed and know how is key if you don't want to miss a big fish guest appearance. While fishing for targeted species on your Florida Keys fishing charter we know what is likely to show up and aim to be ready!

Offshore fishing for the pelagic Sailfish and King Mackerel takes us to the reef's edge.... typically best from November through March. The fishing opportunities along the reef are exceptional most days.

The magic of Florida Keys Offshore fishing is that all these species, and more, live and pass through our waters year round. We know when to target them by season, and by various techniques. Even the most seasoned anglers will be surprised by what we will find on any given day.

Florida Keys Offshore fishing charters in Islamorada are unmatched! Charter your Florida Keys fishing charter with Chelsea Charters Offshore and let us show you why The Florida Keys is the Sport Fishing Capital of the World!

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We look forward to sharing our spectacular fishing grounds with you.

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